The Movie Studio (OTC: MVES)

MVES has developed an impressive list of films, stars, and distribution agreements but what really makes Penny Stock Profiles so incredibly excited about this company is what appears to be coming next.

MVES recently acquired Emerging Media Corporation and EMC’s Commercial Grade Video on Demand Network. This proprietary B2B Video on Demand (VOD) technology allows MVES to stream films directly to theaters much like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu do for in-home audiences.

To date, the distribution network has been installed at theaters spanning 35 states and boast a library of approximately 1,800 film titles. It is vital in the industry because it provides seamless point-to-point digital distribution and lowers costs across the whole distribution network.

The Acquisition includes a BigData Analytics to gauge consumer demand as well as match and deliver content for audiences (suggested videos or trending videos for example). This enables providers and exhibitors to be more effective and advanced in their distribution tactics and have greater direct contact and feedback from their audiences.

BigData is the most important aspect of the VOD platform because the data can enrich the customer experience. BigData, suggestion, and prediction technology are used in Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, and others so that next word predictions narrow down the search saving time for the customer. Predictive text is vital for customer retention and revenue stream as the data can be shared with the Company partners.

MVES is currently trading just above its historical 52-week low price of .002 and is coming off a double bottom at this major support level. With volume increasing it may be setting up for yet another reversal back to its 1-year Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of .0058 or even back to its 52-week high of .013. A reversal to those levels could mean a gain of 200% to 500% for the stock. Compared to its publicly traded competition, Netflix at $200 a share and Amazon at $1,000 a share; MVES may just be the undervalued deal of the century.


MVES was founded by industry veteran and accomplished CEO, Gordon Scott Venters who has been featured in both Forbes Magazine and The New York Times. MVES is a vertically integrated motion picture production and distribution company based in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The Company’s studio is located at Gulfstream Park a 300-million-dollar development. The studios “backlot” is complete with private streets, shops, bars, restaurants, casino, and sports complex where it produces motion picture content.


According to MVES‘s press releases, it has closed contracts over the past 2 years to distribute films throughout the EU, Middle East, India and as far away as China. Our own independent research shows that in August 2017 MVES broke into the US Pay TV Market (cable, satellite, ect.) with its film “Drunkboat” starring Academy Award nominee John Malkovich and Golden Globe winner John Goodman appearing on Showtime and Showtime on Demand.

Watch DRUNKBOAT on Showtime

From April thru September 2017, MVES delivered a series of stunning press releases. The announcements began with the signing of a $5 million dollar share purchase agreement and engagement of PCAOB Auditors to facilitate the Company‘s proposed S-1 registration statement with the SEC. The stated goal is to become fully reporting and move to a higher market for shares of MVES to trade on.

The news culminated with the acquisition Emerging Media Corporation and EMC’s proprietary B2B Video on Demand (VOD) technology allowing MVES to stream films directly to theaters much like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu does for in-home audiences.

11/1/2017 – The Movie Studio Exhibits at the 2017 American Film Market and Announces New Business Model of Independent Movies Content Aggregation and Acquisition of Emerging Pictures Independent Theatrical Distribution for Theatrical Movie Distribution and Worldwide

10/19/2017 – The Movie Studio, Inc. Executes 5 Year Content License and Revenue Participation Agreement With Lotus Research, Inc. for Vu-Me White Label Movie Studio On-Line App Platform

10/17/2017 – The Movie Studio, Inc. (OTC:MVES) Releases Original Film Suspense Thriller “EXPOSURE” Starring Corey Feldman on Amazon Prime Prior to Halloween

9/7/2017 – The Movie Studio (OTC: MVES) To Release Original Content on Its Proprietary Video On Demand Theatrical Distribution Network Focused on BigData Analytics, VOD Revenue Models and Is Now Recognized on IMDB

7/26/2017 – The Movie Studio, Inc. Acquires Emerging Media Corporation and EMC’s Video on Demand Network, Movie Theater Commercial Platform, BigData Analytics for Consumer Demand and Anti-Piracy Movie Platform

7/26/2017 – The Movie Studio Inc. (OTC PINK: MVES) to Acquire Emerging Media Corp.

6/12/2017 – The Movie Studio, Inc. (OTC PINK: MVES) Announces Agreement To Distribute Film “EXPOSURE” To The Territory Of France

6/7/2017 – New Film “BAD ACTRESS” To Be Distributed To The Territory Of Italy by The Movie Studio, Inc. (OTC PINK: MVES)

6/5/2017 – The Movie Studio, Inc. (OTC PINK: MVES) To Distribute New Film “BAD ACTRESS” To The Territory Of France

5/22/2017 – The Movie Studio, Inc. (OTC PINK: MVES) Engages PCAOB Auditing Firm to Proceed to Fully Reporting Status and Effectuate Agreement to Receive up to $5 Million Investment From GPL Ventures LLC

4/18/2017 – The Movie Studio Inc. (OTC PINK: MVES) to Receive Up to $5 Million Investment From GPL Ventures 

The Movie Studio Inc.
800 Silks Run
Suite 1330
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
Phone: (954) 332-6600

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